Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Catching Up

Ah, what a wonderful gloomy day it is today!
I would like a little more sunshine, but it is still so wonderful!

Well, I promised more photographs to catch you lot up on the past couple years.
And I mean to honor that promise!
So here you go!

May 2015

This is the kind of pictures I love to take!

I do believe she loves her dog!

July 2015
June was skipped. Wasn't a most joyful month.

Here is Jamin! I think he loves Nova,too!

Goodness! I love clouds! And the lighting was gorgeous as well!

"Antenna of power!"
If you've seen Kung Fu Panda 3, you'll understand that quote.
By the way, look up Kai's Arrival on the soundtrack! My favorite theme of the movie!

August 2015

A rainy day at Indian Boundry.

It's Sarah!
Isn't she pretty!

Julia relaxing in her hammock! It's her favorite way to pass time camping!

September 2015

My favorite model. Though I think she only tolerates me!

Jamin's hatchet! He made the handle and I burned the design!

During the summer, our cows are visited by cattle egrets.
Beautiful little birds!

So, next is October and November, but apparently I didn't take pictures then...
I do have a bit in December!
And I shall revisit September again because we went to the Sequoya Museum and saw a Civil War reenactment!

Until then, my friends!

Lady Jenny


Jenny Dake said...

Such wonderful pics dear Jenny! Especially love the first one of Julia! They are all just wonderful!

Always Experiencing Him,

Jenny Dake said...

Thank you, Ma! I like that one too!