Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Project: Plushie

I am running out of  ideas on what to post!
It would be nice to post some writings. I just haven't taken the time to write something down...
So, I thought today I would show you my other interest: sewing!
Especially the cute sewing projects!

I did these two little stuffies last year when I was invited to one of my little swimmers birthday party.
One was for her and the other for her younger sister.
So with out futher ado, here they are!

I do like the designing bit!

Pattern is made and the fabric is cut!

I wasn't planning on it being so bowed-legged, but it worked!

After sewing and stuffing, came the painting.
I just used regular acrylic paint.

Next came the bunny!

Look at that tail!

Hmmm... He's got an Easter-y feel goin' on.

There you have it.
I sure did have fun with these critters!
I hope you liked them as well!

Until next time, dearies!

Lady Jenny


jomylan said...

Oh my goodness, these are so adorable! Since you're running out of ideas for posts, I suggest you do a tutorial for these :)

I was reading your biographies and was wondering what you and your sisters do for a living. I hope I'm not being too intrusive >.<

Jenny Dake said...

Haha! Thank you! I'll think about it! ^-^
My twin is awesome! She does a lot of landscaping, a wonderful singer, and can play any instrument she picks up!
I am a competitive swim coach... And I like to sing, I'm not that good though!

jomylan said...

I realize that you probably get this a lot, but you and Julia look nothing alike, haha! Are you guys fraternal twins? And I'm sure you're better at singing than you think :)

Nightingale said...

Those stuffies are extremely adorable! I especially like the bunny. :) What a special gift for your little swimmer and her sister.

Jenny Dake said...

To Lady Jomylan, yes we are fraternal, I am 16 minutes older than Lady Julia! Aww, shucks! That's very kind of you!

To Lady Nightingale, thank you so much! I really had so much fun with making them! And they really weren't that hard to do!