Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March 2016

I'm back and showing you last months pictures!
It was a marvelous month-- sunny, windy, gloomy, rainy, cold....
It had a little bit of everything.
This set is on a sunny day trip to Gee Creek!

It's the new cousin!!
Such a cutie!

Climbin' the swing set.

Dear little friend from far away!
She's a sweetheart!

My growing cuz.
He keeps measuring how tall he is to me!
Almost there, bud!

This dude is already taller than me!
That is, when I'm not wearing my heels.

Finally we got in the river.

Someone was smart enough to wear boots while the rest were

Such a pretty area.
And now, finally, our feet got numb, but our legs hurt 'cause
it was sooooo cold!

Don't remember what that face was for...

Then, the little dudes found the water...
And mud...

Talk about a dramatic looking off into the distance.

Yeah, I don't know what they're looking at.
I probably took this pic when this bud was talking.
He likes to talk.

Well, there is our Gee Creek adventure!
We take quite a few adventures there.
But it's such a beautiful place, how can you not?!
I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time, dearies!

Lady Jenny


jomylan said...

Oh, they're all so cute! And that last one is absolutely hilarious - reminds me of myself when I talk :)

Jenny Dake said...

Haha! I just LOVE my family!

jomylan said...

Hey, just wanted to see if you guys are still active! I love reading your blog so I hope this isn't the end :)

jomylan said...

Hello again :) I hope you won't be gone for too long. I do enjoy reading about all the things you guys do, you seem like such a lovely family.

Jenny Dake said...

Hello, Jomylan! Life is quite busy these years what with work and all! Unfortunately, it makes it harder to post anything. But we have Instagram, which makes things so much simpler to post! If you have Instagram my name on it is space.cookie. Hope you are having a lovely day!

jomylan said...

Okay, thank you for letting me know! I'll go check your guys' Instagrams out.