Monday, August 20, 2012


A Girl Worth Waiting For
                 written by Elisera

Lord God, my King,
      I humbly pray
For a heart as Yours
      To guide me each day.
For Your tender compassion,
      Mercy and love,
To be a blessing
      And Light from above.
I ask also, dear Friend,
      For a sweet and gentle spirit;
You alone, my Saviour,
      Can, undoubtedly, give it.
Create in me a servant's heart,
      Every day, forevermore,
And help me be
      A girl worth waiting for.

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Jody said...

Such lovely words and prayer from a beautiful daughter. God will honor your obedience and give you the desires of your heart. I love you Sarah and am so proud of you!
Always Experiencing Him,
Mom (Jody)

3Maidens said...

Thank you, Ma.
Love always,
your Sarah (Elisera)
^ _ ^