Monday, November 5, 2012

M.F.C. Sunday Picnic ~ Jenny

Modest Fashion Challenge - Theme 2

Lady Jenny!
Here is Jen's style for the Challenge.

Sunday Picnic

Don't she look lovely?  :)

Knit Shirt - Walmart *gasp*
White Denim Skirt - Goodwill
Clark's Shoes - Marty and Liz Shoe Store
Redeemed Scarf - Dayspring
Redeemed Wristlet - Dayspring
Bracelets - We don't remember...

[Photographer - Sarah]


Sadie said...

So cute Jenny!! I love the scarf!! :)

Sadie said...

Very pretty! I love the bare feet... if y'all have noticed in my Sunday Picnic picture I was also barefoot. heehee ;) It's just so much more natural and comfortable that way!

3Maidens said...

Thanks! Yes, bare feet are definitely the way to go!

Eden said...

Great outfits!!! :):)