Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Evening in the Maiden's Home

Greetings, fair readers!
Now, I know what you all are thinking...
"What?!  Two posts in one day?!"


"I wonder what an evening in the Maidens' home is like?"


Yes, you were thinking it.

Well, to satisfy your curiosity, here is a taste of what it is like to be in our family!


A little background:  We were cutting up fruit for Mom to take to her MOP's meeting in the morning.  Sadly, by the time we thought to document our conversations, we had forgotten most of what had been said, so Sarah and Jamin are the stars as they were the ones chatting while I typed out their words.

Jenny:  Is the watermelon good?
Jamin: *cutting up a watermelon* Oh no.  No, we can't give this to them.  It's red; you want it white.  We'll have to eat it.

Sarah:  OH!  I just found an awesome-- actually it's very sad--
Jamin:  It's sad?
Sarah:  -- It's How to Burn 800 Calories in 30 minutes.
Jamin:  What?
Sarah:  The picture was of a BURNT PIZZA! *dies laughing*

Sarah:  *looks at some rotten grapes*  Are these the bad grapes?
Jamin:  The bad grapes?  They're in time-out.
Jamin:  Did you get that?
Sarah: *a silly laugh that sounds like: eeeEEEAAAHAHAHA!*

Sarah:  Oh, what's that?
Jamin:  It's just a flesh wound... I think it's watermelon.
Sarah:  That's dross. *pronounced like "gross," just with a 'd'*

Mom: *on the phone in another room* Okay, well, I'll let you go, now.
Jenny: *makes a horrified face*  What, she was holding her hostage?!

By the by, here's a random fact, Sarah cannot cluck like a chicken.
Yeah, I know.  You have always wanted to know stuff like this.


And that's that!
Unfortunately, you missed some of the best parts of our conversations due to our failing memories...
Hopefully we can do this again sometime soon!
Perhaps, we will manage to capture some of our father's wit.  He can be quite funny!
For example, he describes himself as "Tigger on the inside, and Eeyore on the outside."  There you have it!


Sam said...

Ah, Julia, you have some great and random posts =].

"Just a flesh wound." That one made me laugh out loud. I love to make fun of flesh wounds.

Those conversations sound quite like what goes on at our house =].

Julia Catherine said...

Thanks, Lady Sam! Jamin tends to have a few jewels of humor fairly often...