Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yay! More Art!

Well, hey!
I have a few more pictures for you lot!

These are some sketches I pieced together from little doodles I have drawn over a long period of time.
Those aren't the only doodles I've done, just the ones that were easy to scan.

Here is a digital picture I just finished last night.
Now that I'm looking at it today I am not entirely happy with it but I still like it.

I hope you guys like my art.
Nothing makes an artist more happy than to know that their art is liked and appreciated. :)
Have a blessed day!


Sam said...

Love the sketches! That bulldog sniffing through the grass is probably my favorite, and the man on top has a great hat =].

Ashlin said...

Fantastic, Jenny! I love your doodles, the animals are great, the kiddos are so cute (I especially like the one with the furry coat)!

I think the digital picture you just finished is really beautiful. She reminds me of you a little.

Thanks for sharing some of your art again!

Jenny Dake said...

Thank you, ladies!